So I thought I’d kick off this blog with the question some people ask when I tell them what I do. “What is a wedding designer anyway?” And it’s a good question.

First of all I need to address two other professions whose titles are often interchanged with “wedding designer”. Which is where I believe the confusion lies. A wedding planner and a wedding stylist. There are overlaps, for sure, but there are also several distinct differences. And it really comes down to the words used to describe these professions.


Wedding planner

According to Wikipedia: “A wedding planner is a professional who assists with the design, planning and management of a client’s wedding.”

A wedding planner is the person who, you guessed it, helps to plan a wedding with you. They often have a specific style, that helps them to stand out of the crowd, and so that you are confident that they really “get” what you want. But most imporatantly, they are the organisers and managers of the wedding. They will have a list of trusted suppliers that they will recommend to 

couples based on their needs. As well as the planning of the wedding itself, they are often available for on the day co-ordination. Meaning they are there to manage the timeline of the day and keep everything running smoothly.


Wedding stylist

Put simply, a wedding stylist is defined as someone who styles the wedding. Meaning he or she is responsible for creating and/or implementing a cohesive aesthetic. They are often the person on site and with whom the couple communicate for any of the visual details. They often have their own props and a team to help pull everything together and take it all down.

Wedding designer

So, we come to answer the original question: “what is a wedding designer anyway?” A wedding designer’s title is most interchangeable with a wedding stylist. But there’s one big difference with a wedding designer. They encompass the entire wedding in their design. So any details that can be classed as visual, a wedding designer can help with. Including floristry, stationery, props, furniture and the job of creating a cohesive design with other suppliers. You can even ask for advice on your wedding dress or bridesmaid dresses! Your wedding designer will take everything into account to ensure it all flows beautifully together. That’s me in the picture btw 😉


In conclusion

I thought the best way to conclude this post, would be with a visual aid (trust the wedding designer to create a visual aid, haha!) Below you’ll find a table I put together to clarify the differences and similarities of a wedding planner, stylist and designer:

If you’d like to find out more about me and how I came to become a wedding designer, you can read my “about me” page.

‘Till next time!


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