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So today I thought I’d write about my essential wedding stylist toolkit for weddings that I style. This kit goes everywhere with me! And because a wedding stylist is still a niche career, it wasn’t easy finding a suitable box/bag/carry thingamabob to put all my tools in! It definitely took some lateral thinking.

The Carrier

So first things first, I went on an internet hunt for something to house all of my tools and nik naks. Anything “craft” based was either WAY too expensive (I’m talking £100’s!) or just not quite fit for purpose. Tool boxes very often had little to no organisational pockets, so that was a big no. And then I came across this makeup carrier. Yes, a makeup carrier! It looked good, but I wasn’t holding my breath, because let’s face it, tools and makeup, very different things. So I really wasn’t sure if it would be sturdy enough. But when it arrived, I opened it up to find that the compartments were all made with hard plastic. And the hinges were all metal. It was perfect! And it’s quite nice to look at too 🙂

The Tools

So this part I already had covered. As a wedding stylist you quickly learn that lots of different scenarios can arise when you’re working on a set up. So you make sure you cover as many of them as possible with your available tools. Here’s a list of what I currently hold in my kit:

  • hammer
  • fine nose cutters
  • glue (several different types)
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • electrical tape
  • sticky tape
  • bluetack
  • wet wipes and glass wipes
  • lighters
  • wire cutters
  • florist wire
  • florist scissors and regular scissors
  • white ribbon
  • jute thread
  • zip ties (reusable ones are more eco friendly if you can get them)
  • safety pins
  • pins
  • drawing pins
  • clips
  • paper clips
  • measuring table (builders and seamstress)
  • pin cushion
  • stanley knife
  • elastic
  • elastic bands
  • fishing line
  • calculator
  • spirit level
  • wall stapler and staples
  • batteries
  • allen keys
  • chalk pens and ballpoint pens

And there you have it. A pretty comprehensive list of what goes into my wedding stylist toolkit. Whenever people see my wheely box, they’re always intruiged. I love that I repuposed it and that it holds everything I need in such an organised manner. I hope you enjoyed this little insight into the behind the scenes of my job. Until next time 👋


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