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4 Top Tips for nailing your

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So you’ve had to postpone your wedding once, twice maybe even three times. I recently did a wedding where my bride had changed her date 4 times and had a baby! I really felt for her, as I do all the couples out there struggling with what to do in this crazy situation. 

Pandemics don’t come around in the UK all that often and we’ve all had to adapt in ways we never thought our lives would ever have to.

And weddings are no different. Since the UK government made the decision to cut down wedding numbers to just 15 guests (including the couple!) it’s left a lot of couples wondering what to do next.


So I thought it would be helpful to write about my 4 top tips for nailing your micro wedding! Because weddings are stressful at the best of times. Here goes:

Make it personal

Micro weddings are naturally small. So why not make the best of it by including personal details about you and your partner? You could include a funny story about you two on your wedding menus, or even on your table plan. Really think about what you could include in your decor that represents the two of you. For example, once of you may be artistic and the other really logical. To represent those contrasting traits, your colour palette could be dead on, matching with all the details and your flowers could be loose and floaty. Or instead of using numbers for your tables, you could give them names. For example, the best places you ever visited.

Include lots of detail

I’ll bet when you first started planning your wedding, you went to Pinterest and started pinning all these amazing ideas and then realised just how much it all costs. Some compromises were inevitably made. Even with the biggest budgets, there’s still a budget. 

But with a micro wedding, you could use that budget towards lots of the ideas that you had to forgo with a larger wedding (and food, let’s not forget about the food *nom nom*).

It doesn’t have to be over the top, but flowers you may not have considered before, could now be adorning your guest tables and used in your bouquet. Rather than regular silver cutlery, you could now have gold cutlery or copper cutlery to match your charger plates. Instead of plain white cotton napkins, you could opt for a floaty gauze napkin to match the rest of your colour scheme.

I love details, it’s my thing. I really do think they give the bigger picture that wow factor. And if you’re going to go small, why not go big?


Micro wedding

Do it your way

You may have felt the pressure from family or friends to do certain things on your wedding day, that you didn’t necessarily want to do. “Do it your way” is advice I always give regardless of the size of your wedding, but with fewer numbers I do recognise that it takes the pressure off. So if you want to do the whole traditional kaboodle, you do that. If you want to dance down the aisle, do it! Some don’t like the idea of a first dance, and you really don’t have to have one. Have lots of cake instead! This really is your day, your way. 

micro wedding

Above all, have fun!

Your wedding will be different from weddings you’ve been to in the past. Your guests will be wearing  masks, and there won’t be any dancing (unless you do a first dance). But, there could be great music, delicious cocktails (check out this amazing mobile bar service. They made me a mojito and OMG it was goooood), beautiful decor, great food, amazing friends and family. 

And if the details are stressing you out, check out my micro wedding package. I promise you it will check off so many items on your list, you’ll definitely be able to have fun!



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