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How to choose your wedding colours

How to choose your weddingwedding colours Choosing your wedding colours is one of the most difficult aspects of putting your wedding together. And the questions I see posted most in facebook wedding groups are: “how do I choose my wedding colours?” “should I choose...

4 Top Tips for Nailing Your Micro Wedding

4 Top Tips for nailing yourmicro weddingSo you've had to postpone your wedding once, twice maybe even three times. I recently did a wedding where my bride had changed her date 4 times and had a baby! I really felt for her, as I do all the couples out there struggling...

What wedding decor do you need?

Hello everyone! Today I thought I'd address a question that's crossed many a brides mind: What wedding decor do you need? Part of the difficulty with this question is that really, it's entirely up to you. There is no right or wrong "amount" of decor for your wedding....

Essential Wedding Styling Kit

Hi again! So today I thought I'd write about my essential wedding stylist toolkit for weddings that I style. This kit goes everywhere with me! And because a wedding stylist is still a niche career, it wasn't easy finding a suitable box/bag/carry thingamabob to put all...

What is a wedding designer?

So I thought I'd kick off this blog with the question some people ask when I tell them what I do. "What is a wedding designer anyway?" And it's a good question. First of all I need to address two other professions whose titles are often interchanged with "wedding...


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